Posted on: April 29, 2008 5:02 pm

Wachovia Championship Predictions

New week, new picks...

My antihistamines are beginning to do their job (yeah, Zyrtec!), so I’m reenergized and ready for a new week of fantasy golf crystal ball gazing. Actually, I’m a bit spacey (isn’t Zyrtec supposed to be non-drowsy?), so if I say something crazy, it’s just the pharmaceuticals talking.

This week, we’ve got the Wachovia Championship at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, NC. It’s a long course, 7,442 yards, and the set-up is apparently going to be Masters-like, with fast hard greens and tough scoring (the cut line for the last five years has been +1, E, +4, +2, +3). Also, kicking around wachoviachampionship.com, here’s another vital factoid, from the “Share the Fun” page: apparently the majority of players receive their winnings via wire transfer into personal bank accounts. Personally, I don’t see why knowing the banking route by which rich men become a bit richer really “Shares the Fun,” but that may just be the Zyrtec talking.

Yes, yes, this is the point where folks start clamoring for me to stop rambling and start predicting, so here you go, my 10-man team for this week at the Wachovia Championship...

For my picks, please see www.leftylinks.com/blog.
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